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Working with ARA

Most collections personnel that you’ve talked to about this bill and probably most of the other bills you’ve had in the past have wanted to get you to pay at all costs. The representatives that you’ll talk to at FCS want to find a solution to this problem, that everybody can live with. That’s an important difference and one, which we have made the trademark of our business.

Why pay voluntarily? The reason is simple. In almost all cases you will spend less time and far less money in the long run by resolving the debt yourself. At ARA, we always prefer to work with you to settle your bill in either a lump sum, or find a payment plan you can live with. Unlike a collection agency, we have purchased your debt and in a sense have made an investment in you. 

So give us a call at 1-888-310-1550 and let our friendly knowledgeable staff assist you. When you call please have your ARA File number ready.

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