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Skip Tracing

 How much money is lost every month because your debtor simply can’t be found?  At ARA we understand how much you rely on your collection agency to liquidate this significant portion of debt.

Dedicated Skip Tracing Professionals
Utilizing the most advanced technologies and up to the minute databases our team of skip tracers have only one job… finding your debtor. The difference between ARA and other collection agencies and receivable management firms is that our skip tracers have no other job than skipping. This makes an important difference in the quality and quantity of the locates we get on a daily basis.

Results that you can count on

The bottom line is results and we never forget it. We can’t collect a nickel from a debtor that we can’t find, so we have invested heavily in our skip tracing department and that is just one of the reasons ARA remains a leader in the industry. 

Portfolio Scrubbing

Every one of your accounts is scrubbed through up to 3 National databases for location information before a single account is worked. After that, the accounts that are not found are separated from the file and up to 75% worked individually. This process ensures that each account is evaluated and has the maximum potential for liquidation.

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