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As one of the biggest buyers of consumer debt in the nation, ARA understands how important it is to maximize your cash flow by selling non producing debt. Selling your bad debt is a great way to quickly infuse your company with fresh capital. 

Eliminating the need to operate a costly collections department gives our clients the ability to reallocate staff to other functions, thereby streamlining operations and increasing productivity. Whether eliminating positions or reallocating staff, selling bad debt portfolios will open opportunities for our clients to refocus on core competencies.

Portfolio Management

•Accelerating cash flow
•Streamlining operations
•Eliminating liability
•Controlling volume increases

One  through all phases of collections and through the sale of territary One of the  Portfolio Management is ranked among the top 10 debt purchasers and serves numerous domestic and international market sectors, including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, and utilities. Selling bad debt portfolios has many benefits, including: •Accelerating cash flow •Streamlining operations •Eliminating liability •Controlling volume increases

Controlling volume increases
Selling bad debt portfolios infuses capital directly into our clients' revenue stream. Not only do our clients see immediate increases in their bottom line, but also dramatic reductions in collection-relating operating costs. Selling portfolios helps our clients take full advantage of the time value of money.

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