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You may wonder what happened to your debt and what if anything your original creditor been doing to recover the money. Well, first lets talk about your debt. It is important to remember that the problem isn’t you and it isn’t your original creditor and it isn’t us, it’s the bill, plain and simple. And the reason is... it's still outstanding.

When the bill first went in to default, your original creditor sent it to at least one outside collection agency and if the principal balance was over $1,000.00 probably to 2 or 3 collection agencies. They either deemed you un-collectable or un locatable. Either way it wasn't paid, so they decided to sell the debt to us. We now own it. We can, at our option, take legal action to collect it or try the cheaper alternative for you, and us, which is to work out a way to pay it now.

Between the time the debt went into default and now interest has been accruing steadily. That’s the bad news. The good news however, is that there is a possibility some or all of that interest could be waived if the debt is addressed now.

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