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Understanding each of our client’s unique needs is just one of the things that set ARA apart from the rest of the field. Utilizing the entire wealth of experience in all phases of collections, we design a program specifically for each client that includes algorithms, account prioritizing, portfolio scoring, calling campaigns, reporting, billing, mailing strategies, and much more.  At ARA, we understand that the foundation of every successful client relationship that we have is results.
In short, getting the best possible liquidation rate for you is our highest priority. Advantage
ARA can be a great asset for your business. As a full service national debt collection agency. We help companies by collecting funds that are due them from debtors from all over the USA and on a International basis. We assist debtors by helping them to make payment plans to get their delinquent account paid in full, and clients by holding down the costs of debt collection to their accounts receivable departments. We also offer very competitive Rate program.  ARA which are lower than most debt collection agencies."

ARA has a network of Collection Attorneys in our many associations, such as Columbia Law List, The ALQ, Collection Agency Directory and Collection Agencies Outsourcing. Based in Florida, our company can select a debt collection attorney in most cases in the same city as the debtor location. We will demand payment in full or start a law suit and reduce to judgment to force a debtor to pay.

ARA takes great care in the hiring and training of all personnel to assure that professionalism is maintained on all levels. We seek to only hire collectors with extensive collection experience. While our primary objective is to collect the monies, we are also concerned with maintaining the continued goodwill of our clients. We have a strict code of ethics in force which we constantly monitor in order to protect your best interest as our client.

We at ARA would like to be your collection agency, and invite you to contact us for any additional information you may need and look forward to earning your business.

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